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As I go through life, I find myself left with things I don’t quite have a use for, but have some sentimental value regardless. Plastic boxes full of memorabilia; a storage room full of odds and ends; magazines and books that I’ve long since outgrown.

The previous incarnations of this website are similar. I don’t want to move them to this new site, so here they are on the Internet Archive.

  1. The former Yudhanjaya.com.

    Largely useful for the journal entries (major milestones) and essays section. Put together, these are a sort of haphazard snapshot of my journey as a writer. I kept trying to make this a proper writer’s blog, with regular updates, and I never could be bothered to do anything more than a few posts a year; by this point the Wordpress format of blogs had begun to grate on me.

  2. The Icaruswept archive.

    The Icaruswept blog was how I first made a name for myself as a writer, writing steadily from 2010 until 2017 or so (some of the oldest posts may not exist in this archive). In one sense, it was very much an amateur soapbox - I’d ramble about anything and everything that caught my eye, and a lot of these thoughts are the voice of someone who feels alien and painfully newborn to me. On the other hand, this is where I began from, and much of my analysis - at least towards the end - led me down roads I walked later at LIRNEasia, at Watchdog, and with my nonfiction in general.


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